Monday, November 30, 2009

Does Rush have Palin Envy?

I am sitting here listening to Rush Limbaugh freak out because I called him a lovable buffoon on Fox News this morning for his bizarre "We Just Proved Climate Change is One Big Hoax" jag. Listen to his over-the-top reaction when "Snurdly" told him he was being attacked on TV.

There is a link to the MP3 audio on my website at

That's right. I said it. Who are you going to believe: the entire world's scientific community or a high-school drop out? OK - I was wrong. He was a college drop-out, not a high school drop-out. But at least I can admit when I'm wrong.

Watch today's exchange here (Fox News -America's Newsroom. Cap and Trade vs. Climate Change Hoax). You can also watch it at the top of the row of videos at the right on my YouTube channel.

Rush Limbaugh is once again leading the crazy chorus on the "climate change is a hoax show" with the most outrageous lies to date about climate scientists, whom he calls "a cabal of thugs masquerading as scientists to advance a world-wide leftist agenda." He went on to call Al Gore a terrorist and a crook. (He really should be more specific because it matters terribly whether one would be tried by a military tribunal or in a federal criminal court.)

Is my honey bunny el-Rushbo trying to turn "Climate Hoax E-mails" into his "Death Panels" moment to grab the spotlight back from Sarah Palin? That is sad indeed.

It was the hundreds of hate mails I received from people who actually buy his crap that really befuddled me though. I even have something called (The Home of the Patriotic Resistance) after me because I believe in global warming. I feel Galileo's pain.

So just in case you haven't been following the "expose of the largest hoax in history," some anonymous hackers commit a federal crime by hacking into one climate research facility in the UK (East Anglia University), selecting and releasing a few e-mails between scientists. Rush and his Limbaugh Institute of Advanced Conservative Conspiracists then hilariously spin them totally out of control as proof that all scientists have conspired to deliberately deceive the world about climate change. Where is Dan Brown when you need him?

He concludes that the entire body of science supporting evidence of climate change has been fabricated all these decades in the world's largest hoax and cover-up in history, calling it bigger than even the Flat Earth Hoaxers.

The irony is delicious, is it not? If Rush had a microphone back then, I'm quite sure he wouldn't be deluded by the majority of "scientists" who believed since the early 15th century (and many much earlier) that the earth must be round - and would have called Christopher Columbus, who set out and proved it definitely, a terrorist.

Yes, Rush darling, the world is round and climate change is real.