Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Save 300,000 Jobs--Boycott Chase (cross-post from DailyKos)

by emptywheel
Wed Apr 08, 2009 at 10:51:46 AM EDT

Michigan and Chrysler have about 2 weeks to get JP Morgan Chase to renegotiate Chrysler's debt--or 300,000 people will lose their jobs. To pressure JP Morgan to negotiate, FDL and Progress Michigan are calling on people to boycott Chase.

JP Morgan Chase wants to push Chrysler into bankruptcy so it can jump the line ahead of retirees and US taxpayers to get paid back.

If JP Morgan Chase does that, 300,000 people will lose their jobs.

That's sorry thanks we get from a company that has gotten $25 billion in TARP funds from American taxpayers--plus billions more in other benefits from the Wall Street bailout.

My husband and I decided the only way to pressure JP Morgan Chase to negotiate in good faith with Chrysler was to close our Chase accounts. We want our money to go to a bank that is investing in rebuilding Michigan--not bankrupting it.

Now, FireDogLake and Progress Michigan are calling on others to join our Chase boycott.

Sign the petition

Join the FaceBook group

Find your Michigan Chase branch and close your account

Update: Progressive radio host Nancy Skinner--who drives a Chrysler and lives in Michigan--is going to join the boycott and close her two Chase accounts. She will have Jane Hamsher on her show today, at 3PM ET, to talk about this action.

Tune in to hear Jane and Nancy at 3PM ET


the Left Paw said...

Since there isn't a post from today, the 9th....

You have a Republican rep, Greg Harper on your program today, and Nancy - YOU COMPLETELY MISSED THE BOAT!!!! Harper said that his support of their version of the budget was because he didn't think the surplus was working, and that he "didn't understand how government jobs would boost the economy" - yet as you and he had mentioned, in his district is Lockheed Martin, a company that almost ENTIRELY funded by GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS!!! You had him, and didn't even call him on it.

I suppose he would have repeated the nonsense about the cost of creating larger government, but I would say that he is then not considering the cost of the damage of those weapons his constituents make create, and the cost of cleaning THAT up! Whereas conversely, Obama's plan is about getting in the swing with green energy; an industry not only with longevity but also creates jobs, and as I'm sure you well know, would also help cut the costs of things like cleaning up oil or nuclear disasters.

It's time for people to talk about the ENTIRE picture here. Nancy, you had an opportunity ti talk about these things with somebody that sounded fairly willing to have an open discussion, and I am soooo frustrated about your complete failure to address him! You always go on and on about how you don't back down, and now you are admitting that your staff was giving you a bit of trouble for being so nice - I can't blame them. What were you thinking????

SharonRB said...

If you had listened to the whole conversation Nancy had with Rep. Harper, you would have heard how she didn't nail him on voting no on the stmulus, but waited until he defended the "useless" F-22 as creating jobs and then asked him if that wasn't just the same as the stimulus he voted against. That was called being clever, sir, not chicken.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,
I was basically screaming in my kitchen as I listened to the conversation about prosecuting G. W. and friends. Your response was,.."I am not saying we should not prosecute, I am saying that in light of the fact that the media will make a circus out of it, will it be worth it?, or will the DEMS lose big time over this battle that may not be won?" Can I tell you how ludicrous that sounds. First, do you remember the Japanese soldier who was executed by US courts for waterboarding one of our men? Second, if my neighbor tortured someone, but the govt. decided not to prosecute, because the media would make a circus out of it, then what is the point of being a nation of laws. Just because the Bush's are celebs, they should be treated differently than the japanese soldier or my neighbor????! Shame on you for being a coward. Other than this, keep up the good work. Jennifer