Friday, October 30, 2009

Hold the Blue Dogs Accountable at


We are in the critical hours for healthcare reform. We all know that a few Democratic Senators are threatening to hold hostage true reform, which must include the public option in order to bring competition into the healthcare market place, reduce premiums and ultimately long-term budget deficits.

The only choice for "fiscally responsible" Senators is the public option because without it, federal spending on healthcare will skyrocket from one in six dollars to one in three. Longterm, our national debt would be close to 400% GDP. That is what we call meltdown.

So the gang at has created a new site,, which is helping Blue Dogs to "Go Public"! We are identifying Senators who are "on the fence" and sending them a message with our pocketbooks.

We know that giant insurance companies are spending millions to influence them and our message is simple "We will have your back if you have ours!"

Blue Dogs need to do the right thing for the American people and we'll help them get re-elected if they do. We're too close to start over after a new election.

So please visit and spread the word, because a 60-vote majority is a terrible thing to waste!

Nancy Skinner

P.S. Sign up on the forum at and start a conversation.

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